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the less effect:

Design Your life for Happiness & Purpose

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the less effect online course

Design Your life for Happiness & Purpose

physical environment

What clutters the home, clutters the mind. To achieve a high level of focus and clarity on what we truly want in life, we must clear out what is weighing us down. How wonderful it is to only see what we love around us.

social environment

Our circle can make or break the quality of our life. When we become conscious to the relationships that are no longer aligned with who we are, we are set free to grow into our authentic selves and find fulfillment.

habitual environment

It's our small daily efforts that carve out our life's path. Becoming more aware of where we are hindering ourselves allows us to transcend unhealthy behaviors to create our best life.

The Less Effect online course is for anyone feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled, looking to uncover your true passion to create a life of joy and meaning. It is also for successful entrepreneurs who want to remove subconscious limitations that have been created, allowing you to get to the next level in your business.
Through this framework, you will unlock the power to rewrite your story by removing attachments holding you back and uncovering your core identity to design the life you’ve always dreamed of.
Each phase of the course is dedicated to one of three key life areas:
  • Physical environment
  • Social environment
  • Habitual environment
The course outlines the steps to identifying aspects of our environment that are hindering us and how to carefully remove them from our lives. This is complemented by exercises that focus on becoming more intentional in attracting surroundings that align with our true identity. Each module builds on each other to develop your level of confidence in designing your most meaningful life.

To everything I've ever lost: Thank you for setting me free. 


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"Throughout my experience with The Less Effect I found my self getting rid of so much dead weight that held me down from being the best version of myself. I was able to get to a point in my life environment that didn’t feel so bogged down and everyday tasks became so much easier. My productivity was immensely heightened and I was able to instantly get to projects with ease. This course will shake things up in such a good way you will never want to live your life as you once had."

DJ, Actor

"I didn't realize how much STUFF, I had...and it wasn't bringing me any joy, but adding more stress to find space for it, clean it, organize it....It was SO TIRING. Letting go of it has cleared much more space (physically, emotionally and mentally) so that I can focus on WHAT'S REALLY important to me and create a life of fulfillment."

Travel Blogger, Endurance Athlete

"I gained quite a bit of insight into myself while taking the course. Uncomfortable as it was, I realized that I was in a mess. I was holding on to things...books, clothes, memories, even files that were so outdated and useless. I’m much braver now to let go of material things, relationships, and habits and clear space for myself and let in what will serve me best."

Metalsmith, Course Instructor

Samantha Joy is an Identity Coach to aspiring entrepreneurs and influencers. Her coaching approach focuses on the concept of minimalism, enabling others to shift their identity to their most authentic self by clearing out aspects of their life rooted in an old story. The result is enhanced mental clarity, an improved sense of self, and the ability to design an environment that attracts abundance and fulfillment.


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