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Topics Covered In The Book

How Living a Life of Less Led me to Immense Happiness and Purpose

Our Things

We live in a world custom-built for consumerism and overwhelm. We are taught from an early age that more is the answer. It isn't until we set ourselves free from our attachment to our possessions that we are able to find happiness and fulfillment.

Our People

So many of us go through life acquiring people much like we acquire things. We fail to take inventory and are left with toxic relationships that hold us back. Identifying these people in our lives and removing them allows space to uncover our authentic selves.

Our Habits

Many of us live each day, subconscious to the unhealthy behaviors we've developed over time. When we become aware of the areas we are hindering ourselves, we become empowered to remove these blocks to create our most purposeful life.

"The Less Effect lifestyle will transform your priorities and cause you to make some much-needed changes to optimize success in your life. In a world that is filled with excess, discontentment and selfishness, this book offers a timely message that is truly needed."

Matt & Caleb Maddix
Maddix Publishing

About Samantha

Samantha is a Mindset & Empowerment Coach to aspiring entrepreneurs and influencers. Her coaching approach focuses on the concept of minimalism, where she enables others to shift their identity to their most authentic self by decluttering aspects of their life rooted in an old story.

She spent the last year on her own personal journey following and crafting the less effect framework, which has brought her immense happiness and purpose, as well as many others.


I'm so thrilled to be able to share this message with the world! We spend so much time focusing on what to add to our lives to solve all of our problems, that we completely lose sight of who we truly are underneath it all. The answers to everything we need for our happiness are all inside of us. When we clear out what no longer serves us, we are able to live our most authentic and joyful life!

-Samantha Joy

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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

Watch how quickly the Universe responds when you make up your mind to remove negativity and design a new life of joy and fulfillment. 


*All proceeds from "the less effect" will go to Serve St. Petersburg (#ServeStPete) through Maddix Missions for the Homeless


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